The CraftersDimension is a vanilla Minecraft server made to embrace the original playstyle of the game, in a relaxed way and with a friendly bunch of other players. Our server is a community-based server, looking for the most dedicated Minecrafters out there. We try to keep the playstyle on our server as vanilla as possible, meaning that no one is allowed to use any hacks/commands for their own advantage, including our staff.


– World border: None

– Tp/Tpa: Off

– Firespread: On

– TNT damage: On

– Creeper damage: On

– Difficulty: Hard

– PVP: On*
*Only for friendly use. You cannot kill others without their permission.

– Hacks/Cheats: Not allowed

– Griefing: Not allowed

– Rollback plugins are installed to ensure safety for people’s builds.


The CraftersDimension is looking for the most dedicated players out there, players who stick around. We’re looking for the kind of player that always finds new challenges and thinks of new structures to build.

Join the server and explore at:

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