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Thread Contributor: Squirrel_FinnHow to apply to the server?
If you would like to play on this server, please log into the website, fill in the following form, and post in the Server Applications section!



Why do I want to play on this server?

How many hours do I plan on playing on here?

How good are my building skills?

Please specify the town you want to live in: Acton/Wuthering Heights/Zikha (For town details please check this: https://tinyurl.com/ydyctkox )

A bit about myself:

How did I stumble upon the CraftersDimension?

Please go into detail when answering the questions above. Lazy applications will not be accepted. ALSO, we'd prefer if you were over 15. However, if your application shows effort and maturity, we won't even look at your age.
Hope to see you on here soon!
What I do:
 - Develop

What I don't do:
 - Anything else <3

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