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Application - Leehammer1254 - 06-18-2018


Age: 18

Why do I want to play on this server? Seems like a respectable server.

How many hours do I plan on playing on here? Casually, after work, or after school.

How good are my building skills? They are admirable, but not fantastic.

Please specify the town you want to live in: Wuthering Heights

A bit about myself: Currently in university for aviation, also on the varsity soccer team, my life revolves around these two activities. 

How did I stumble upon the CraftersDimension? Reddit.

RE: Application - Bates - 06-20-2018

If you could add a sentence or two about yourself and why you'd like to join the server, that'd be great! I look forward to seeing you online!

RE: Application - SPEEDSKATER24 - 07-11-2018

sorry mispost