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Server teaser - Jere - 12-30-2017

Heyy, I have been gone for sometime so I created a new server teaser as I promised @Lucca and I am sorry for any of my previous immature behaviors <3!

The teaser was all done in Adobe After Effects and the fonts are Blacktear Script (for the title) & Caviar Dreams (for the subtitles) if anyone is interested. I think most of the old players know that I do Motion Graphics when I am bored. If anyone needs anything, I'd be happy to help

I will be editing it slightly to make it look perfect as a .GIF


By the way I can't access my Discord account because I was travelling and my phone fell into a lake. I had 2FA on so I can't access my account on my new phone until [email protected] emails me back.

Missed y'all <3!

RE: Server teaser - Bates - 12-30-2017


RE: Server teaser - Luccalol - 01-02-2018

Hey thanks, I might use this if I do create a new teaser Big Grin