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Thread Contributor: LuccalolImportant server update!
Hi guys,
So as most of you have probably noticed, the server has pretty much died. I myself can't bring myself to play anymore, most players have left the server and most staff have gone inactive too.
I don't really have the funds to pay for the server at this point of my life. I'll be going back to school soon and want to focus on getting my life back on track, this means I want to spend more time doing productive things which will actually make me feel nice when I finish doing them and spend less time filling my free time with game-related stuff, because I have come to realise I am often only trying to fill free time by playing games and not enjoying it as much as I should be.
The result of this situation is that I was thinking about shutting down the server for good. However, I know that I would regret this decision, and I know that there will be a time I'll actually be motivated to play some Minecraft again and actually have fun! Therefore, I have decided to just downscale the server.

Here's what's going to happen:
- Everything will be reset, we'll be transferring to a new host again, starting out with a brand new world and we will be reinstalling all the plugins and redoing all the configs. Doing this will definitely resolve the TPS issues we're experiencing atm.
- I will, ofcourse, make sure the current world will be available for all of you to download. (Keep in mind the file size will probably be between 5-10GB!)
- The server website will remain online as it is.
- The player capacity will be a bit lower (though in practice it will hopefully still be higher than the current capacity, since the server atm just crashes when there's like 15 players on at this point bc of the TPS issue)
- I'm thinking of reimplementing the town system I had in the first world. Instead of everyone having the Crafter rank, they'll get to join one of the towns and get the town rank instead. Please note this will all still be vanilla, so no towny plugins or anything will be implemented. (I do want to add that I'll probably keep the amount of towns to a maximum of 3, letting players create their own towns was one of the major flaws in the first world, it doesn't work out.)

This will all happen within two weeks.
Hopefully the new experience will be smoother and more joyful again!
I'll most certainly keep you up to date from this point on, and I'll try to check up on my discord as much as possible again. Feel free to message me personally or @ me somewhere with a question if anything is unclear to you.

I'm sorry for basically abandoning the entire server in the past two months, but I hope the new start will be a good one!
[Image: yBlLQEK.gif]
What's the name of the discord server/your account? I can't seem to find anything.
And where can I find the new server IP, and how does this town thing work? I'm a bit confused at the moment.

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