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Thread Contributor: zeftyzZeftyz / zesiedesiey server application
IGN: zeftyz

Age: 17, 18 in 2 months.

Why do I want to play on this server? id like to settle in on a server where i can chill and have fun, i used to play on this server before on the last 2 worlds, i love building & designing so a good server which i know it is as ive played on it before seems like the right and only choice for me.

How many hours do I plan on playing on here? asmuch as i want i guess, but id guess it will be alot of hours if i know myself right.

How good are my building skills? id say 8-9 maybe, i love designing and building thats mostly what i do on mineraft haha, 

Please specify the town you want to live in: Wuthering Heights

A bit about myself: Well im studying Social studies like psychology, philosophie and other stuff, i live in Sweden but im half finnish aswell. i play alot of games, mostly csgo on a semi proffesional level, some rainbow six seige, and other fun games. I have a beautiful girlfriend which i love alot so alot of times are spent there haha. so well thats a little about me, if you would like to now more hopefully i can answear your questions on the server.[url=https://sv.bab.la/lexikon/engelsk-svensk/social-studies][/url]

How did I stumble upon the CraftersDimension? as i said i used to play on it before, so i downloaded minecraft again and searched if it was still up, it was and  i decided to rejoin if possible

//Zefty / zesiedesiey out.
Amazing app! Welcome to the server darling

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