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Thread Contributor: SabrinerGood Examples of Applications
Hey guys! It's your cool and awesome neighborhood Admin here back at it again with a lit post amirite. Just going to be copy and pasting Thor's thread from the old website, because I believe this is a pretty important thread for new players. 

Plagiarism begins here:

Short guide:

If you are here and you want to write an application, but you're lacking creativity, I'll post some details that you can talk about in your application. Firstly, you need to add your IGN(In Game Name) and you could add your old nicknames if you had any. Secondly, you need to add your age. Minimum age for this server is 16, BUT if your application shows that you are mature enough, we won't even look at your age. Then you will need to talk about why would you want to join this server. You can add your own opinions about vanilla servers, you can talk about what would you build on the server, why are you looking for vanilla server and why did you choose this server. While talking about time which you are willing to spend on this server, you could mention your other hobbies and/or school schedules. We don't need the exact number of hours that you plan on spending weekly, but just give us a basic idea of how much free time have you got and how do you spend it. You can write anything about yourself, but you don't really have to be that intimate. You can talk about any of these topics - your name, your place of birth, your place of living, your family, your pets, other games that you are playing and etc... And last but not least, mention how you stumbled upon this server, was it a random Google search that took you here or was it your friend, mention it anyways. If you have come this far, I hope that I've given you enough inspiration to write an application for this server, good luck!


AreoOreo (who's actually a mod right now, believe it or not): 

IGN: AreoOreo

Age: 15

Why do I want to play on this server?

I haven't played Minecraft for awhile and I'm trying to get back into the game. I'm looking for a small community to join,

meet some new friends <3 I'm not looking for a big server to play on, which is why I'm looking for a white-listed server

to join.

How many hours do I plan on playing on here?

Depending on how busy life gets, I would say an 1-2 hours on weekdays, 3-4 on the weekends.

How good are my building skills?

They're not the best, but I consider them to be decent. I like to spend most of my time building houses to live in

other than exploring and fighting, and I would rather come on the server to relax and chat while building <3

A bit about myself:
I'm currently living in Minnesota, but I was born in Kentucky. I identify as a majestic Ravenclaw-Slytherin Unicorn. Some things I enjoy doing are figure skating, which I started when I was 6, also I love ramen, like if any of you guys reading my application ever go to Tokyo the first thing ya gotta do is go get some good ass ramen, no joke, like the ramen packages in America are fine, but the real ramen from Japan is out of this world crazy good. One tidbit about me is that I love trying to find the best noodle places as you can tell 

i1000, Crafter+:

IGN: i1000

Age: 17

Why do I want to play on this server?

I would like to play on this server because I am looking for a small community with a good survival server. And it looks like I have found one. I would like to start a new YouTube survival series on a whitelist survival server and have been looking for a good server to base it off of, and I may have finally found one.

How many hours do I plan on playing on here?

I plan on playing for at least 3-4 hours a day, working on builds, surviving, and my next project.

How good are my building skills?

I consider myself to be an above average builder, I am able to make somewhat complex designs, but I do better with glass, wood, and stone bricks, as opposed to the quartz and glowstone style.

A bit about myself:

I run Cross Country in the fall, play Basketball in the winter, and run Track in the spring. I really like playing Minecraft, Rainbow Six Siege, CSGO, and occasionally Team Fortress 2.

How did I stumble upon the CraftersDimension?

I stumbled upon CraftersDimension because I was searching for a SMP survival server, and this was on the list on Minecraft-Server-List. There are many servers on there, but most of them didn't have enough players, and some had too much. Like I said, I am looking to do YouTube, and I don't want a server with tons of people already, just a small, pleasant community.


IGN: Annexation

Age: 18

Which town do I want to live in?: I like Harenam 

Why do I want to play on this server?: I've been playing raid/PvP servers for a while, but now that all my friends have stopped playing Minecraft or games all together I'm looking to get back to the roots of simple survival Minecraft, and playing single player really doesn't cut it for me.

How good are your building skills?: My building skills are good. I've played Minecraft since Alpha in 2010 and have built numerous structures on many different single player worlds and servers I've played on.

A bit of myself: I'm from Canada, just graduated high school and am taking a year off before heading to college for next year, the college course I'll be taking is Aerospace Engineering. I've been into automotive and flight since I was a little kid, and have been in many different types of shops throughout my life. I guess you can say I'm a bit of a gearhead  Being Canadian, I play hockey, I've played since I was 6 and have been skating since I was 3 however a severe injury forced me to stop playing competitive hockey, but that doesn't stop me from playing the sport I love  I also play a little bit of footie here and there.

-Hope to be a part of the server 

_Minutus, Crafter+:

IGN: _Minutus (Currently)

Age: Only 14 years of age.

Why do I want to play on this server? I would like to play on this server because I want to play a survival world but I personally find it too boring on Single player. Also, when I play on a non-whitelist server my base/house normally gets griefed within the first week of playing on the server. I also like to play on a server with a smaller community since you can get to know people who play the server and it will make my personal experience much more enjoyable to play. Finally I would want to play on this server because I have been searching for a good whitelisted server for a while and most of my applications got denied because of my age since most of them where for older players (16+).

How many hours do I plan on playing on here? I plan to play on this server for around 2-6 hours everyday but when school starts again it would probably be a couple hours less unfortunately.

How good are my building skills? I would personally say my building skill are good, mainly with rustic/medieval houses and man caves. However, I'm terrible at building modern houses since they don't really appeal to me.

A bit about myself: I am currently a 14 year old kid from England. I have been playing all sorts of games since around 2009 starting with call of duty (yeah pretty young). I've been playing Minecraft since mid 2012 when the xbox 360 version releases and a couple years later I decided to get the PC version since I found it much better because of the inclusion of servers. I personally love playing SMP servers and I have played multiple private ones with a handful of friends ever since I got Minecraft for PC but unfortunately they where normally over within a couple of weeks since most of the people got bored. Besides playing minecraft I like to hang around with friends and go for bike rides daily. And I have to go to school but it is currently a holiday period so I'm off. I have also been staff on a couple of minecraft servers before so I have certain abilities that I have been able to pick up such as maturity and being friendly in chat.

How did I stumble upon the CraftersDimension? I stumbled upon this server on the website 'minecraft-server-list' since I was looking for a mainly vanilla whitelisted server, since I don't like servers with many plugins, plus a server that was hosted in Europe since I lag a lot on American servers.

Closing Remarks: Im sorry If there is any grammatical or spelling mistakes and Im sorry if this application isn't long and thorough enough, if is isn't I am willing to extend on a point or answer any questions you have for me regarding this application. Also I am wondering if a mod known as 'Schematica' is allowed since the rules didn't state if It was or not. I use this mod since I normally build my house first in creative.
~ Thanks for reading _Minutus



16, 17 In January 

Why do I want to play on this server?
I would like to play on this server because for starters I enjoy the freedom of not having a world border as it does not restrict the players / community in any way as it has done to me on previous servers I have played on. I want to play on this server primarily for the more freedom that I will have and to work with a active community on projects to benefit the appearance of spawn etc. I believe the most important aspect of playing on a white listed server is to help improve many small aspects of the surroundings of key areas like spawn which will add up to one big change to help others who frequently use public spaces on the server.
How many hours do I plan on playing on here?

Hopefully 1-2 hours a day but may vary to many more. I am currently studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry which are pretty intensive subjects. I may not be able to be on the server 4-5 hours a day as I am human and have other commitments too such as football (Soccer) , work (as a football referee) but I will stay very active on the forums where I believe has a drastic impact on the community and for the people that are drawn to the server.

How good are my building skills?
I would like to say my building skills are fairly well, I like to build in themes whether that be Modern / Futuristic or Medieval and Rustic. I can build red stone automated farms fairly well too with minimum tps drop on the server as I have played minecraft for 7 years now and now a fair bit about what contributes the most lag.

A bit about myself:
Well as you know already I am 16 and I am also studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry. My real name is Joshua but you can call me Josh. I love to help people with problems whether that be in game, emotionally or just questions of any sort. I love physics and anything to do with space for that matter. I play football (soccer) because I am from England and it is very popular here. I play in the position of Center Back (which is a defender). Kinda wanna play further up pitch but we will see if my manager will move me there later this season. I have this goal in minecraft to obtain all the possible mobs in the game just like trophies because why not xD. I also had 2 cats sadly one had to be put down but want to get a German Shepard and a Husky as my dream dogs for when I am older. I also want to learn to speak German and hopefully go to space in my lifetime.

How did I stumble upon the CraftersDimension?
Well I wanted to find a community that keeps intact with its playerbase with events as such as I believe it helps to keep the community active. I stumbled upon CraftersDimensions at http://minecraft-server-list.com/server/365171/to which led me upon your website where I am now writing this application at 23:07. Why you needed to know that? I do not really know but I just felt like this paragraph was feeling a little empty xD

Well thankyou for reading my application, I look forward to hopefully meeting many of you and to be whitelisted to be a part of your community.

So that's pretty much it. To the newbies, don't worry. We aren't looking for 5 page long essays. But we want some effort. Anyways, good luck!

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